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Joe and Clara Pilates Historic Video Pilates Center of Austin is now also offering Online Gift Cards available to support your Continuing Education Programs. Loved ones can help support you in your Journey to Embodied Movement with our:

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Stretch-eze ® The Ultimate Full-Body Resistance Band

This individual nylon lycra stretch band developed by dance/movement therapist Kimberly Dye, is used for resistance and stretch exercises. Wrap it around your shoulders and put in your feet. Feel snug, supported, and able to press into the resistance to create a cleaner access to the intrinsic core muscles with no build up of tension. Popular with dancers and athletes, Stretch-eze bands provide sensory proprioceptive feedback that facilitates increased awareness of form, whole body fascial connectivity, and dynamic, three dimensional movement.

Stretch-eze ® The Ultimate Full-Body Resistance Band

Joe and Clara Pilates Historic Video

A gift was given to Mary Bowen (one of the few remaining Pilates teachers who studied directly with Joseph and Clara Pilates) at the opening of Your Own Gym (Thorne's Market, 150 Main St., Northampton MA.) by a long time personal friend of Joe and Clara Pilates, Evelyn de la Tour. Joe and Clara had bequeathed to Evelyn reels of their private film collection taken over 13 years - 1932-45. This 70 minute video or DVD will give you an idea of what the method is, of Joe and Clara and of the early years of the method. A bonus is thrown in of Ted Shawn, the famous modern dancer, exhibiting enormous strength and facility.

Joe and Clara Pilates Historic VideoA Note from Wendy: 
"I highly recommend that every Pilates teacher and enthusiastic Pilates client have this video as part of their Pilates Archive. It is a fabulous testimony that can be used to show the power and range of Pilates. In this video, Joseph Pilates is shown demonstrating and teaching his exercises in the studio, and moving in the outdoors in ways that contribute to good habits around human movement patterning. It's a fabulous history lesson, and a DVD of learning Pilates that is from the source!

We are authorized to sell this video for Mary Bowen, and the $60 goes directly to Mary.
To purchase call 512-467-8009 or email us at info@pilatescenterofaustin.com

3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective Chart

Joe and Clara Pilates Historic Video

My purpose in creating this inspiring Chart from 18th Century anatomy drawings is to enable you to see your body as more than a biomechanical, pieces and parts, machine to be trained and fixed.

In the 3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective, we are inquiring into “Core as Relationship: with Gravity, Ourselves, One Another and Our Environment”...a biointelligent, relational, rather than controlling way of being in the world.

The figures are “gestural”, rather than the usual static anatomy. The colors I’ve added are distinguishing “what’s just enough” support from gravity and spatial orientation:

  • Beginning with Inner Ear… Vestibular Awareness, through 2 directions of spine, hands
    and feet
  • Which creates “yielding” to gravity…Down the Back
  • Which “evokes” internal lift…Up the Front
  • Which creates a…Receptive and Perceptual Awareness and way of being in the world

This Chart is one that allows you to find your own VOICE! Every time I speak with someone about their body, through this Chart, whether practitioner or client, I find a new way to speak to their interest, curiosity and engagement…as a whole body awareness. We are whole beings. Discovering the language of biointelligence opens us to “direct experience” that is in the PRESENT, not the PAST, and an aliveness in our teaching…enabling us to move away from treating ourselves like objects as biomechanical language is prone to do.