2018 Workshops at the PCA

A Body at Peace from A Body in Pieces
John Sharkey, MSc

A Groundbreaking Paradigm Shift...
A deep dive into our self-emergent embryology...
visual, sensory and kinesthetic feast…
It’s Anatomy for the 21st Century…

 September 7-9th, 2018 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Location: Norris Conference Center
525 W. Anderson Ln #365 | Austin, TX 78757

Passing the Torch Mentoring Program (PTT)
2018 (2nd Week) in Austin

October 15-19th

2019 Workshops at the PCA

Passing the Torch Mentoring Program (PTT)

February 8th
5-7:00pm EST Conference Call with Group of 6

Week 1: June 17-21st, 2019

Week 2: October 14-18th, 2019

Week 3: February 17-21st, 2020

Workshops With Wendy (On the Road)

Embodied Movement as Bodywork…
Demystifying the Relational Roots Between
Pilates and Yoga
Hosted by Susan Burke

August 10-12th

Location: Pilates for Everybody, Vermont

Beyond the Form: Moving Past Classical & Contemporary Pilates
Hosted by Trey Fry, KineticMKE

August 24-26th

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Journey to the Advanced Matwork...
Delving into the Fascial Matrix
Hosted by Kirstin deFrees

November 3-4th

Location: Every Body Pilates, Belmont, MA

Online Workshops and Classes With Wendy

Embodied Pilates
Fusion Pilates EDU | Presented by Wendy

One Day Only Promotion Discount on Aug 16, 2018

Cultivating the Biointelligent Body
Fusion Pilates EDU | Presented by Wendy

Currently Online and ready for registration

Wendy on Pilates Anytime
3Core Connections | Videos with Wendy

Explore with Wendy on Pilates Anytime teaching an embodied approach to Pilates through: matwork and somatic movement classes, reformer flow classes, Tower/Caddy flow and Fascial Dog Flow Series, along with her workshops: "Discovering Your Inner Teacher" and “Classical Pilates and Embodiment”.

Access these classes FREE for 30 days by using Wendy’s personal code: WENDYLABA

PCA Workshop Details and Registrations

Embodied Movement as Bodywork…
Demystifying the Relational Roots between Pilates and Yoga
With Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle

Friday, Saturday and SundayAugust 10th -12th

“Is it true that yoga is a mindbody discipline, and Pilates is a workout?”
“Did Joseph Pilates study yoga to create Contrology?”
“What’s the difference between yoga and Pilates?”
“Pilates looks a lot like yoga…only yoga is static asanas
and Pilates is flowing movement”

In my experience, we often make assumptions and label movement disciplines from a very limited perspective…what we’ve read, what someone has told us is believe, or what we’ve experienced from one teacher. This perspective is usually coming from a desire to find out…. how they are different, and which is best.

As a student and practitioner of Pilates, yoga, somatic movement and energy bodywork for 4 decades, what I find to be a more powerful inquiry is to examine the “relational roots”…the universal core principles that underlie yoga and Pilates, as well as all great bodymind practices, which allow us to be our own “movement bodyworker”.

I feel that, along with being a brilliant movement educator, Joseph Pilates was a bodyworker who taught movement and created apparatus that allows us to orient and “set-up” our bodies in the gravitational field in novel ways that can release fascial binding which restricts neuromuscularskeletal holding patterns.

In this ground-breaking workshop, we will be engaging in a global study of movement awareness supported by our embodied architectural anatomy, through the lens of yoga and Pilates to discover our self-healing, adaptive wholeness, while removing the labels of which is best. This novel approach opens us to a way of being that gives permission to explore each movement discipline through the felt sense of our biointelligent wisdom, rather than create a “belief system”…expanding our perceptual awareness.

We will discover these and many other wonderings, which we invite you to bring, and that we will explore together:

  • Experiencing how the 3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective distinctions of Lower, Central and Upper Core Awareness is not another “belief” system, rather, this perspective awakens an interrelated awareness of YOUR whole body core coordination in relationship with the gravitational field and spatial orientation
  • Discovering “YOUR” Pilates or yoga expression…rather than “THE” 100’s, Rollup, Cobra, Downward Dog…uncovering “Practice as a Living Process”
  • Cultivating experience of your “Primordial Midline Core” …as so much more than your Abdominals or Psoas
  • Inquiring about Hip Openings….is anyone asking why they continue to close?
  • Noticing how Fascia-based movement unwinding …is more than one more “thing” to do the right way
  • Discovering how “Being Breathed”… is an updated approach to the “Pilates Powerhouse”, engaging your Lower, Central and Upper Cores from pelvic floor to palate
  • Experiencing how Core Coordination awakens your buoyant, biotensegrity body … more than Core Control, which is like driving your car with the parking brake on
  • Exploring how to “partner” together to deepen awareness of one another’s movement patterning, noticing what is interrupting whole body embodied movement, and how to assist with change
  • Discovering a curious, playful, exploratory approach to movement that awakens your inner teacher and opens you to your creative listening genius, the source of “client/student oriented teaching”

Become your own movement bodyworker…as we play and explore embodied movement together!

  • Studio Name: Pilates For Everybody…Lyme, New Hampshire
  • Contact #: Susan Burke…802-649-2966
  • Email: bsusan77@gmail.com
  • Website: www.susanburkepilates.com
  • PMA CEC’s: 15
  • Cost of Workshop: $675.00
    • Early bird $625.00, by March 31st
      Master class $75.00  early bird $50.00, by March 31st
      Both $ 750.00 early bird  $675.00, by March 31st
      Weekend workshop limited to 12 students

Beyond the Form: Moving Past Classical & Contemporary Pilates
With Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle

Saturday and Sunday, August 25th & 26th

The forces that formed the body are continuously at work throughout life, carrying the blueprint of health into manifestation at every moment”
--Jaap van der Wal, MD, Embryologist

How do we explore and rediscover the instinct to engage with the movement that is at the CORE of our biologic identity? I am suggesting that we need to study the “Language of OUR BODY”.

For instance, many people these days struggle in the development of their own perceptual field because they have not experienced the phenomena of “being breathed”, the “embryonic fields” that move us throughout life, or the “health” in their own body, through our interconnectedness with each other and the natural world.

In Mary Bowen’s Jungian model, Joseph Pilates was a “sensate”…a “controller” of his body. I can appreciate this approach as that is where I have come from too, yet through my somatic studies over the years, I’ve moved from “controlling” , to “allowing” a deeper, embodied awareness to surface….and that changes everything in how I teach Pilates. It has also enabled me to create a space for others to re-discover and cultivate their own growth, healing, and increased vitality by “asking new questions” and “challenging beliefs” about the potential of our body’s function and structure.

Those of us who were part of the trademark cancellation, freeing up the Pilates name, knew that standing for the fact that there was “not just one way” to approach studying Pilates… was critical to showing that Pilates is a “practice” based on a philosophy that is a lifelong discipline. This takes us far beyond a debate over Classical or Contemporary.

What I have discovered is that, when we study “Return to Life”, as a holistic vision, we can appreciate Joseph Pilates’ way of being with each movement, for his body. If we are, then willing to notice the variations and interpretations each of the Elders who studied with him created, for their bodies, we move beyond the study of static form to see Pilates as one of the great mindbody disciplines that grows us as human beings.

I am suggesting that, by cultivating an embodied understanding of where we’re coming from in our own movement “practice”, and how that can be deepened and refined over time, we go beyond movement as an exercise technique. We unearth a quality of being with ourselves which has a deep respect and trust in the embryonic fields that the quote by Jaap van der wal is reminding us of, which “shapes” our self-regulating, adaptable capacity, along with a way of being in life which empowers growth, development, creativity and healing.

In this workshop, we will explore together:

  • Discovering “YOUR legacy and voice” , along with “YOUR” 100’s…rather than “THE” 100’s, as you stand on the shoulders of those who have come before you…giving yourself “permission” to explore what’s needed, and shifting chronic patterns;
  • Discovering how to surrender controlling your body, and learn to cultivate discernment and your ability to sense the internal sensation of rest, your innate pre-movement, as opposed to the externally-stimulated craving for looking good.
  • Cultivating breath as more than a biomechanical event…it is a literal and metaphorical doorway to healing, as with each breath, we change density and “re-form”…never in exactly the same way
  • Discovering the incredibly important relationship between Stability, Mobility, Motility and Mutability…a relational playground where stability and mobility are partners with internal organ motility, powered by form following function…and function altering form…our metabolic “shape shifting” mutability through life’s journey.
  • Experiencing how to “listen” and “be present” in a way that allows clients to “teach us”, rather than “control them”...moving from “being the expert”…to “student-centered” teaching…because everyone is “unique” within the paradigm of biointelligent wisdom.
  • Developing your “felt sense” awareness of internal experience through breath, sound, vibration and fluid, biotensegrity movement

When we discover how to journey WITH ourselves, we also discover how to be present with the “whole person” who is in front of us. This willingness to be “present” reveals what they need and guides us.

So many problems could be remedied easily if we could re-learn to interweave our body’s natural tendency to breathe, move and rest into our busy lives. Development of our kinesthetic sense…the sensation and awareness we have of our own movement….is the key to this process…a true life’s journey on so many levels!

  • Studio Name: KineticMKE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Contact #: Trey Fry…414-436-9928
  • Email: pilatestrey@gmail.com
  • Website: www.kineticmke.com
  • PMA CEC’s: 12
  • Cost of Workshop: $495 for Saturday and Sunday workshop

A Body at Peace from A Body in Pieces

A Paradigm Shift…New Vision in Bodywork and Movement Science

Are you eager to dive deeper into the intersection of living anatomy, fascia and movement?

This ground-breaking workshop with clinical anatomist and movement educator, John Sharkey, in collaboration with Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle, will take you on a visually rich journey of our human embryology and self-emergence. You will experience the integration of science, theories, evidence and lots of “real time kinesthetic experiences” … creating a visual and sensory feast , so you leave with tactile knowledge of the true nature of our human architecture.

“We can begin to see that a change of tension anywhere within a biotensegrity system, such as the mid back, is instantly signaled to everywhere else in the body chemically and mechanically. This structure works equally well right side up, upside down, in the sea, land, in the air or in space. It resolves many of the inadequacies of present biomechanical models.” …John Sharkey, MSc

We will compare and contrast a linear biomechanical approach, to this pioneering, biotensegrity “Helical body” approach of continuously tensioned contractile fascial fabric…”Anatomy for the 21st Century”!

Your Paradigm Shifting Journey into Biotensegrity:

  1. Three days of dynamic, thought provoking fascial movement and bodywork
  2. John will use living anatomy images and video content from his highly acclaimed fascial dissection courses held in Dundee University in Scotland.
  3. You will SEE first hand that there are no joints in the human body..and there is no stretching in tissues only gliding
  4. Discover how Embryology is evidence of our self-development, self-emergence, self-generated continuity of form from head to toe, back to front, birth to death
  5. Become aware of how Classical Clinical Anatomy is the ideal platform to demonstrate the flaws of current embryological thinking and yet point us in the direction of a new paradigm that does not require us to throw the baby out with the bathwater but does require us to retune our vision, our understanding and our appreciation of the connected oneness of all of us.
  6. We need the new language and vocabulary of biotensegrity to truly understand and explain human motion, breath and chronic pain

This workshop will integrate, along with movement science, numerous manual techniques including Positional Release and Strain-Counter-Strain approaches, Muscle Energy Techniques, Active Cold Therapy Stretching (ACTS) and others.

ABOUT…John Sharkey, MSc
Is a clinical anatomist, exercise physiologist, and European Neuromuscular Therapist. He has developed the world’s only Masters Degree in Neuromuscular Therapy which is accredited by the University of Chester, and conducts yearly highly acclaimed fascial dissection courses held in Dundee University in Scotland, with soft fixed cadavers using the Thiel embalming method. He is on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, the International Journal of Osteopathy, and the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. He is also a member of the Olympic Councils Medical Team and a Founding Member of the B.I.G., Biotensegrity Interest Group, developed by Dr. Stephen Levin.

  • September 7-9, 2018 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Location: Norris Conference Center
    2525 W. Anderson Ln #365 | Austin, TX 78757

Embodied Pilates matworkworkshop with Wendy
Embodied Pilates Matwork

Wendy is thrilled to announce her second online workshop with FusionPilatesEDU.com launching Aug 16, 2018!

Join Wendy in this pioneering online Pilates workshop, where we “shift” the conversation of how we perceive ourselves and our clients… from a Biomechanical “body as machine” that is either “right or wrong”…. to a Biointelligent “body as a living process”, growing and evolving ourselves in an “Embodied Pilates Matwork and MORE Flow”

Discover “Core Concepts” of embodied movement, as Wendy and Jennifer explore how partnering with gravity and spatial orientation shifts us from the “study of anatomy” to a direct experience of our body’s living architecture
Enjoy moving with Jennifer as she is coached by Wendy, using “Embodied Touch” cues that “deepen” your awareness of your movement, rather than “tell you how to do it right”

Explore an innovative approach to the Pilates Matwork, and then see how that builds with flow to more advanced exercises that even surprise Jennifer with their EASE!

Take advantage of our One Day Only (Aug 16, 2018) promotional discount.
Promo Code: EMBODY

  • This workshop offers 5 PMA CECs upon completion and passing of the required quiz. (Please remember, the PMA accepts a maximum of 12 online CECs toward their bi-annual 16 CEC requirement.)

Portals, Paddles and Pilates: A Stand Up Paddle Boarding Workshop
Journey to the Advanced Matwork…Delving into the Fascial Matrix

Wendy Workshop Hosted by Kirstin deFrees

  • November 3-4th
    Location: Every Body Pilates, Belmont, MA

Cultivating the Biointelligent Body workshop with Wendy
Cultivating the Biointelligent Body

I am thrilled to announce my first online workshop with FusionPilatesEDU.com has launched!

For the first time online I am offering a workshop I call Cultivating the Biointelligent Body. This workshop is designed to explore a biointelligent view of “core” …as a whole body coordination …from your foot, leg, hand, arm and head to your “breathing spine”…along with a new, updated view of your Pilates “Powerhouse”, from an embodied perspective.

You will learn valuable “embodied touch” cues, and watch the model's body release old patterning that created tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, through valuable awareness building movements using a Pilates mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and High Barrel. We all know that listening to your body is so valuable, and now you will see profound changes as they happen.

When we awaken to the embodied wisdom of our Biointelligent Body, we nurture a relationship with gravity and spatial orientation that is fundamental to knowing who we are, and where we are located in both our internal and external worlds. It is only through the physical body that we can experience this felt sense, which is “spatial medicine”.

Take advantage of the one day discount - I hope you enjoy!

  • 5 PMA CECs upon completion and passing of the required quiz. (Please remember, the PMA accepts a maximum of 12 online CECs toward their bi-annual 16 CEC requirement.)