Pilates Center of Austin: Pilates Teaser
June/July | 2015 | Issue 6

• Our Community & Global Partners

PCA Community & Global Partners

Each month we commit a percentage of our income to an endeavor that shares our vision of a world community where everyone has access to resources that enable the creation of vibrant, vital and healthy lives. In May, we featured the Union of Concerned Scientists and raised OVER A $1000 to support their mission to put "rigorous, independent science to work to demonstrate how we can shift our emphasis on military technology toward addressing our planet's most pressing environmental and social problems, through innovative, practical solutions for a safe, healthy and sustainable future".


Texas flood donation

It seems as though the rains just want to have their way with us...and so, they continue.
And, so will we.

In addition to dedicating 3% of our gross income for the month of June to disaster relief efforts, we are extending our monthly commitment to July, as well. But, this time, we ask for your partnership: WE WILL MATCH INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTIONS UP TO $2000 FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY.

Let's show Austin the difference that Pilates can make, not only in our personal lives, but right here at home! So go ahead, drop whatever you can spare, you'll double the bang for your buck...and your neighbors will be forever grateful! THANK-YOU!

• This Month's "Core Whisperer" Video:
A Closer look at Wendy's "Going Deeper" Mentoring Program

You're just a click away from beginning your journey toward...
Becoming A Core Whisperer!

Passing the Torch Mentoring Program Graduates "Going Deeper"

"It is such an honor to continue "Going Deeper" in the mentoring of all the fabulous teachers who are graduates of my Passing the Torch Mentoring Program. What I am most present to in mentoring teachers is how we come to a "remembrance of the brilliance of who we are...by getting in touch with the depth of our body's wisdom, our innate bio-intelligence". With this approach to movement, the simplest shift creates a fluid ripple effect that resonates throughout the entire body...the Teacher/Practitioner becomes a "guide" who who engages in a profound journey of discovery and inquiry with their client.

Thank you to Amanda Vernor, Kim Birdwell, Pat Hudson, Sybil Shearburn, Stephanie Patterson, Tina Hicks, Jenny Vick and Deborah Malone for sharing their "going deeper" into their mentoring journey in this video.

Some of the distinctions the mentoring teachers are studying, and gaining a deeper awareness of:

We are so grateful to the teachers that we have studied with who have come before us in Pilates, yoga, and many other disciplines, who have shared their passion, purpose and vitality in ways that we can build upon.

And I am personally grateful for the mentoring teachers who are working with me over the years to help spread the breadcrumbs of the wisdom of an embodied approach to movement...especially since it is an essential way to shift the hypervigilance in the nervous system that so many people are caught in and don't know how to impact. By slowing down, and developing awareness, we learn the body's language…and, when we learn to listen to the deep wisdom of our body, it will guide us!

For teachers who are interested in learning more about my 2016 Passing the Torch Mentoring Program, please be in touch as registration is beginning now and it fills quickly. The year-long program is limited to 6 teachers and begins with a 2 hour group conference call in mid February 2016 to set up the context of the program...we will then meet in Austin for 3 week-long intensives: June 20-24, October 19-23 and February 20-24, 2017.

• Welcome...to the 3rd Power!

Those of you, who are PCA clients, have undoubtedly had the pleasure of meeting, or at least speaking, with our new Studio Manager:

Beth Brown-Nutting

This position, as you might imagine, is a huge undertaking, so many balls in the air at any one time...and, yet only a short time in the drivers seat, and she has taken the reins with both a zeal and a sense of calm, matched with a genuine passion for service. Needless to say, we're delight she has joined our "PCA family", and look forward to an enduring kinship.

We are also thrilled to be welcoming two new Pilates Practitioners, who'll be making our already fabulous teaching staff even more fabulous-er!:

Ami Stewart:

Ami has been teaching Pilates and yoga since 2002, and will be coming on full time the 1st week of July. She has a BA from Texas Tech and is currently pursuing certification in Peace and conflict studies at Austin Community College..

Amanda Jane Avis:

Amanda has bridged her life long career in dance, with her passion for Pilates and yoga.. As a new mom to her pride and joy, she relocated in 2013,from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, to a new kind of bustle (with a good bit less bustle) in Austin.

• What Pilates Has Meant to Me...

Listen to What Rosie Flores, Rockabilly legend and Austin treasure, says...about Wendy and her "3Core Connections" Program:

If you are recovering from injury or surgery, or have experienced chronic joint, back or muscle pain, our Pilates Injury Recovery & Prevention Program provides a very effective way to ease into a fitness program, without overstressing your muscles or joints. Moreover, in working with our highly skilled teachers, you will discover a newfound resilience and ability to prevent injury, as you move back into an active life.

• Now, is that a face that would melt anyone's heart...

Passing the Torch teachers: Julie Long, Stefannie DeLa Mora, Clara Gelatt, Connie Borho, and Marilyn Katz,

We want to give a resounding "shout out" ( ok, maybe a beef jerky treat would be more appreciated) to Kyaa, the Pilates Wonder Dog. She just completed the Winter/Spring semester at the Brentwood School's Children with Special Needs Program, as all around adored mascot and pet therapy partner to a group of now "forever friends". "My tail is wagging just thinking about returning next year, and seeing everyone again...and even meeting some new friends...now, where's that tennis ball..."

• Ahhhh, Springtime is here...for today at least...


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