3Core Connections®
Live Stream & In Person Mentoring

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle in person pilates mentoring

I have been engaged in coaching people long-distance for most of my professional life–and now, with video technology, we can be present for each other at an even more dynamic level.

Online mentoring is extremely impactful because we address specifically those concerns, challenges and questions that participants bring to our conversations. So our agenda is wide open, dynamic and created in partnership. A single session to add clarity to a specific issue, or ongoing sssions to deepen our inquiry over time.

Bring your thirst for inquiry to our discussions and let's explore new possibilities for reigniting a passion for your work, as we awaken and create a new and powerful access to your own “Inner Teacher.

One on “One, Two or Three” Mentoring with Wendy
- Privates, Duets or Trios

Live Stream or In-Person at our Asheville Studio

Day-long Immersions with Wendy

At her Asheville Cottage Studio – on 3 pristine, heavenly stream-fed acres in the
Blue Ridge Mountains.

Personal Study Intensives

For not much more than the cost of our per day workshop fees, come join us at our Center in Austin, for an in-depth exposure to the heart of our work, designed around your specific needs and requests.

Passing The Torch
- Year Long Mentoring Program

Pre-registration now being accepted for 2022

Going Deeper
- (Passing the Torch Graduates Only)

June/Aug (5) Sessions Series

Pre-registration now being accepted for 2022

Mentoring- Details and Registration

Personal Study Intensives

For not much more than the cost of our per day workshop fees, come join us at our Center in Austin, for an in-depth exposure to the heart of our work, designed around your specific needs and requests.

Teachers visit us at our Pilates Center in Austin, typically for 2-3 days, for an immersion in our 3Core Connections® “embodied” perspective.

Each day is jam-packed with personal consultations with Marcos, our Center Director and Senior Teacher of 18 years, Workout Sessions, Group Classes, Observation & Session Analysis, and 3Core Connections® studies. An incredibly powerful way to develop your "inner teacher"–your most intuitive coach!
No matter what style of Pilates is your passion, the 3Core Connections® perspective can give you a deeper access to your body's understanding of its relationship with gravity, enhancing your enjoyment of life and success with your personal practice and teaching!
So, come visit us in our beloved Austin—nicknamed the Live Music Capital of the World, with natural spring waters, the best margaritas on the planet, food that'll bring tears to your eyes—and US!

I've always felt that Pilates' gift is its ability to educate students in self body awareness and to address many physical and postural issues, so body mechanics has always been my focus. The 3Core Connections® perspective of 3 interrelated cores and unique way of connecting, grounding and centering the body in any position by accessing the body's wisdom, not by muscular effort, has enabled me to describe an exciting new way to approach my learning and teaching. My body is so much more open and fluid! With this study, I feel like I am getting a PhD in Pilates! – Kaki Simons, Certified Pilates teacher.

Passing The Torch

I am so excited and grateful for the opportunity to share my lifelong journey to awaken my "Inner Teacher"–a journey that I hold much like the creation of a precious gemstone. It takes eons to create a gemstone. Likewise, to create a life and career of "passion, purpose and vitality" (this has always been my mantra) requires a willingness to continually unearth the wisdom of one's inner voice, along with the development of the perception, skill, and commitment to act on this wisdom. This is the journey we will take together.

We can "master" Pilates through the super-advanced level, and know "how" to teach it, yet still come up far short of making the lasting and profound impact that is possible. Because mastery is not just about lighting up a room, but the ability to light up another–in essence "to pass the torch" of possibility, where, perhaps, little was seen before. Marry this with a deep understanding of the principles and practice of Pilates through embodied awareness–then you have real mastery. It is in this spirit that I have designed the year-long Passing the Torch® Mentoring Program, each four-month phase having a five-day Intensive at either the Pilates Center of Austin studio, in Austin, Texas (Oct & Feb) or at my cottage studio in Asheville, NC (June).

    • In this initial phase, we will return to our roots to rekindle the spark that ignites a passion for our life's work, inspires a fresh curiosity, and challenges our edges.
    • Here we'll explore what it takes to keep the torch lit, that sense of "being in the zone" in our practice and teaching, as an ongoing creative act.
    • Finally, we will examine what it takes to powerfully share the "magic," to inspire and empower ourselves, our clients and our colleagues–and in so doing, reconnect with the legacy that is your life's contribution to this amazing work.

Limited to 6 Students per year. Students will have extensive personal access to Wendy, both on- and off-site, supported by journaling, special studies, email contact and a monthly phone conference. Each student will undertake a personal project, and submit a final presentation paper. Intended audience: Graduates of a comprehensive teacher training program with a minimum of three years of concentrated teaching experience.