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Passing The Torch Mentoring

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle

I am so excited and grateful for the opportunity to share my lifelong journey to awaken my "Inner Teacher"–a journey that I hold much like the creation of a precious gemstone. It takes eons to create a gemstone. Likewise, to create a life and career of "passion, purpose and vitality" (this has always been my mantra) requires a willingness to continually unearth the wisdom of one's inner voice, along with the development of the perception, skill, and commitment to act on this wisdom. This is the journey we will take together.

We can "master" Pilates through the super-advanced level, and know "how" to teach it, yet still come up far short of making the lasting and profound impact that is possible. Because mastery is not just about lighting up a room, but the ability to light up another–in essence "to pass the torch" of possibility, where, perhaps, little was seen before. Marry this with a deep understanding of the principles and practice of Pilates through embodied awareness–then you have real mastery. It is in this spirit that I have designed the year-long Passing the Torch® Mentoring Program, each four-month phase having a five-day Intensive at either the Pilates Center of Austin studio, in Austin, Texas (Oct & Feb) or at my cottage studio in Asheville, NC (June).

As we progress through each of these three Phases, we will:


Limited to 6 Students per year. Students will have extensive personal access to Wendy, both on- and off-site, supported by journaling, special studies, email contact and a monthly phone conference. Each student will undertake a personal project, and submit a final presentation paper. Intended audience: Graduates of a comprehensive teacher training program with a minimum of three years of concentrated teaching experience.

About Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle

Wendy is an International leader in embodied movement education, with a 40 year background in holistic health, and lifelong studies and collaborations with distinguished pioneers in yoga, Pilates, Structural Integration bodywork, somatic arts and sciences, dynamic breathwork and energy medicine.

As Director of Pilates Center of Austin for the past 25 years, Wendy has studied with 5 of the Pilates Elders who studied directly with Joseph Pilates, and has been inspired by the diversity of their teaching expressions. Additionally, her extensive yoga background, along with studies with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Emilie Conrad, Susan Harper, Judith Aston, Tom Myers, The Guild for Structural Integration, Hubert Godard, Phillip Beach and Jaap van der Wal, with profound breath, fascial and ontological studies, helped Wendy develop her own “biointelligent” voice. Her vision has been to illuminate the universal core principles that underlie all great bodymind practices, enabling students and practitioners of any discipline to discover their wholeness through cultivating their own voice, through the portal and brilliant guidance of their biointelligent wisdom.

A founding member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), the Fascia Research Society and International Association of Structural Integrators, she was on the original committee for the creation of the PMA exam, is a PMA-CPT, a presenter for Pilates Anytime and FusionPilatesEDU , and honored to be a Second Generation Mentor in Balanced Body’s Passing the Torch Mentoring Program, and a Wellsprings of Continuum Practitioner.

2014 Passing The Torch Mentoring Teachers

What is Now Present following OUR Year-Long Passing the Torch Mentoring Program

It has been such a gift to mentor these inspiring, dedicated Pilates teachers: Susan Burke, Emily Mokwunye, Melody Benton-Thompson, Diana Martin and Yuki Yoshii in their visions as movement educators. And that's what inspired our "Ab Gripper" song together!

You can see and hear from their authentic sharing that each of them brought a high level of intention, commitment and willingness to be coached to go to challenging places in their personal and professional lives…and to now have that new growth create a more mindful, personalized way of being with themselves and clients. We're very clear that Joseph Pilates' vision is a potent one, and yet there is so much that we did not know about how the body works, in Joseph Pilates lifetime. Bringing new distinctions to our Pilates career, from the somatic and scientific worlds, creates greater opportunities to be guided by the body's deep intelligence in our movement awareness and teaching.

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle with Passing The Torch teachers

Marcos Apodaca with Passing The Torch teachers

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle training with Passing The Torch teacher


Pilates Center of Austin clients training

Pilates Center of Austin clients on reformer

Pilates Center of Austin clients on yoga wall

Passing The Torch