3Core Connections® Continuing Education

Personal Study Intensives

If you are not able to participate in our year-long "Passing the Torch" Mentoring Program, this is a fabulous alternative. Teachers visit us at our Center in Austin, typically for 3-5 days, for an immersion in the 3Core Connections® work.

Our intensives are designed specifically for you. For not much more than the cost of our per day workshop fees, come join us at our Center for an in-depth exposure to the heart of our work, designed around your specific needs and requests.

Each day is jam-packed with personal consultations with Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle and our Core Staff, Group Classes, Observation and Session Analysis and 3Core Connections® studies. There's no more powerful way to develop your "inner teacher"–your most intuitive coach!

No matter what style of Pilates is your passion, the 3Core Connections® perspective can give you a deeper access to your body's understanding of its relationship with gravity, enhancing your enjoyment of life and success with your personal practice and teaching!

So, come visit us in our beloved Austin—nicknamed the Live Music Capital of the World, with natural spring waters, the best margaritas on the planet, food that'll bring tears to your eyes—and US!

I've always felt that Pilates' gift is its ability to educate students in self body awareness and to address many physical and postural issues, so body mechanics has always been my focus. The 3Core Connections® perspective of 3 interrelated cores and unique way of connecting, grounding and centering the body in any position by accessing the body's wisdom, not by muscular effort, has enabled me to describe an exciting new way to approach my learning and teaching. My body is so much more open and fluid! With this study, I feel like I am getting a PhD in Pilates! – Kaki Simons, Certified Pilates teacher