Checklist For Choosing A Pilates Studio
That's Right For You

Define What You Want In A Pilates Studio And Its Staff:

  • A studio where you feel "at home, "one that has a proven and lengthy track record and is a leader in the community.
  • A highly trained and proficient staff, with considerable experience in addressing the kind of needs and goals which are important to you.

Choose A Studio That Best Fits Your Requirements:

  • Interview the studio staff by phone and in person. Make sure you get all your questions answered, and don't be timid–this is an important decision.
  • Think twice before signing up with the first studio you contact, or accepting the cheapest fees you're quoted.
  • Ask around, confirm the studio's reputation.
  • And, finally, if you haven't already: review our Five Essential Issues To Consider Before Choosing A Pilates Studio.

Get Clear On Policies:

  • Especially those which will affect you the most: what are the policies with regard to cancellation and fee structure, i.e., are there frequent participation discounts, payment plans, membership dues, annual fees?
  • Get a reasonable projection of cost, initially and going forward.

Insist On Exemplary Customer Service:

  • You should receive as much attention as you need to get all of your questions and concerns addressed.
  • You should be able to leave the conversation feeling genuinely served and fully informed.

And Remember That You Are Always The Customer:

  • Never tolerate pressure or double talk, or someone trying to sell you something you don't want or need.

If you haven't yet reviewed our "The Five Essential Issues To Consider For Choosing A Studio", please follow this link to our page, or if you're ready to get started with your Pilates program, hit the button below.