Pilates Center Of Austin: Group Classes

PCA Offers MoreThan 25 Classes a Week

Along with personal instruction, each week we offer more than 25 Pilates classes, both with equipment and without (Matwork or floor classes). In addition, we schedule mini-workshops throughout the year on a variety of topic areas of interest to our students, ranging from "Getting Your Back Back" to "An Owners Manual for the Body" to "The Wonders of the Wunda Chair"–and lots more. We listen and respond to all requests!

As always, rather than simply teaching an exercise routine, we are much more interested in teaching you how to tone and move your body with grace, ease, strength and awareness. We purposely limit our class sizes to 6-8 students to ensure maximum attention.

"Getting Started" Pilates Class

Pilates requires a thorough understanding of its foundation principles before you move on to a flowing "workout" class. If you choose to learn foundation principles in a class, rather than through personal instruction, you can be confident that you will begin your training at PCA in a small class environment, with only beginning students. Further, you will be taught both Mat (floor exercises) and Reformer (the focal piece of Pilates equipment) classes.

Once completing this initial building block series, you will move on to our Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Workout Flow classes and sessions.

Equipment Classes

Wendy teaching reformer class

  • Reformer Classes

    Achieve a full-body workout on the ingenious spring-powered machines that made Pilates a household word. It'll become your favorite workout friend and partner, as you wake up your body's deep core support. You'll strengthen and align your back and neck, while challenging your core coordination from foot to head. An important complement to your Pilates matwork!

tower class heather

  • Cadillac/Tower Classes:
    The word Cadillac conjures up big convertible cars with fins, electric windows and fancy hubcaps. A fitting metaphor for this ingenious Pilates machine.   In the words of Stefon (on Saturday Night Live), "it has everything": leg springs, arm springs, fuzzy loops to hang from, a push-through bar to stretch you out–and even a trapeze! Besides being just plain fun to work on, the Cadillac is an excellent tool for breaking down motion into small pieces, assisting in the restoration of optimal movement patterns. Attention runners, it's phenomenal for your hamstrings!

wunda chair

  • Wunda Chair Classes:
    Discover the wonder of the Wunda Chair. This was Joe Pilates' favorite piece of equipment–small, compact, yet a real powerhouse. Because of its small stature, and its ability to offer a full-body workout for anyone, his vision was for everyone a Wunda Chair in their home, doubling as a sitting chair. Well, we haven't quite yet seen it start a home seating revolution, but everyone sure loves the Wunda Chair at our studio. So come join a class, and discover a unique and challenging way to build strength in the core, improve balance and increase muscle coordination and control.

  • Pilates Circuit Training Classes:
    Kick your workout up a notch! These classes are conducted at a faster pace, rotating through the full repertoire of Pilates equipment: the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels, with a smattering of the Yoga Wall thrown in to add a little picante to the mix. Please wait until class is over to add that margarita!(For those experienced with faster-paced Pilates flow classes!)

mat class

Mat (Floor) Classes

  • Matwork Classes

    A series of challenging, well-balanced movements performed on floor mats. Just You and Gravity–your newfound friend! Enjoy a pure and simple, full-body workout that will challenge your body, focus your mind, and build long, lean and strong muscles and joints. Proficiency with the Mat exercises is crucial in developing your Pilates as a practice you can take anywhere–whether or not you have access to Pilates machines.

Specialty Classes

  • Get "On the Ball" and "Off the Wall" with Pilates
    Come join the fun! Our Pilates "On the Ball" class will take your Pilates practice to a new level, and you'll have a "ball" doing it! You'll define, tone and strengthen your entire body, using the ball for added assistance and extra leverage. Great fun, while adding variety to your workout. Plus, it's a perfect, affordable workout "machine" for your home.

    You've got to experience our Yoga Wall System–it's an exciting and integral part of our approach to Pilates. Our Pilates "Off the Wall" class will deeply impact your Pilates practice. So, come fly with us, and take the feeling of weightlessness into your practice and your everyday life!

seniors class

  • SeniorFit™ Pilates Class:
    (Yes, we mean you…55 & up, y'all): A gentler workout, focused on addressing those concerns most important to us as we age: balance, bone density and strength, flexibility, and mind-body coordination. You'll feel like a kid again!

Create Your Own Pilates Class!

Intended for those of you who have a small group of friends, colleagues, family, or new friends you've met at the Center with whom you'd like to create a special class, at whatever time you'd like. Very convenient!

"First Timers: Start your Introductory Series here"