3Core Connections® Continuing Education

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle 2021 Upcoming Live Stream Mentoring

I have been engaged in coaching people long-distance for most of my professional life–and now, with video technology, we can be present for each other at an even more dynamic level.

Online mentoring is extremely impactful because we address specifically those concerns, challenges and questions that participants bring to our conversations. So our agenda is wide open, dynamic and created in partnership. A single session to add clarity to a specific issue, or ongoing sessions to deepen our inquiry over time.

Bring your thirst for inquiry to our discussions and let's explore new possibilities for reigniting a passion for your work, as we awaken and create a new and powerful access to your own “Inner Teacher.”

One on “One, Two or Three” Mentoring
- Privates, Duets or Trios

Passing the Torch
- Year-long Mentoring Program

Going Deeper
**Passing the Torch Graduates only**

Finding Embodied Flow

Conversations with your “Inner Teacher”

Book your Safari into the Wilds of “Beyond Core”

Journey with Wendy, chapter by chapter, in real time, as she completes the writing and publication of her forthcoming book, “Beyond Core: Your Inner Teacher’s Guide to Whole Body Relationships”. We will be cutting through the brush and bramble of biomechanical thinking to discover and uncover the vast, open savannah's of biointelligent awakening.

This is a dream that has been dreaming me for more than a decade. You see, I LOVE books, next to my family, friends and fellow humans/beings…I dearly love books. Well, actually, there is one more thing that I love, and honor, beyond my books…and that is the joy of conjuring and evoking our innate bio-intelligence, through collaboration with my colleagues and students. If you are a kindred soul, in this matter of exploring, questioning, discovering and deep learning, then come dream with me. Join me, as I move into the home stretch of bringing this dream to life…a book that takes us on a journey “Beyond Core” and into the often unchartered terrain of our bio-intelligent wisdom within. Let’s take a deep dive together, into our Inner Teachers, and our instinctive wisdom to self-heal, self-regulate and adapt…into our intuitive knowing that “ We ARE movement!”