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Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle online mentoring

Coming April 16th: Wendys 2021 Roster of Workshops, courses and mentoring offerings. Please leave your name and email address,
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Online Mentoring, Coaching & Pod Classes

I have been engaged in coaching people long-distance for most of my professional life–and now, with video technology, we can be present for each other at an even more dynamic level.

Online mentoring is extremely impactful because we address specifically those concerns, challensges and questions that participants bring to our conversations. So our agenda is wide open, dynamic and created in partnership. A single session to add clarity to a specific issue, or ongoing sessions to deepen our inquiry over time.

Bring your thirst for inquiry to our discussions and let's explore new possibilities for reigniting a passion for your work, as we awaken and create a new and powerful access to your own "inner teacher."