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Pilates Style Magazine May / June 2018

Moving Beyond Classical and Contemporary Pilates

Moving Beyond “labels of” Classical
and Contemporary Pilates

A question that has revolutionized the way I approach movement is, where are we coming from as we move in our personal practice, teaching and in life?

Although we are intelligent, sensitive beings, we often think of ourselves as objects that need to be fixed. We “control” our bodies when we “train” them, or in the case of a client, when we train “the body in front of us.”...continue...

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Pilates Style Magazine July / September 2016

Pilates Style Magazine article, The Seeker

The Seeker

Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle, a veteran teacher of Pilates, yoga and somatic movement and the founder of the Pilates Center of Austin, has devoted her life to redefining core as a whole- being relationship with gravity, ourselves, others and the environment.
by Anne Marie O'Connor.

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Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle Speaking with Trent McEntire

Trent McEntire LeBlanc-Arbuckle  interview with Pilates Style July 2013

Watch 4 videos of their conversation from the PMA Annual Meeting 2013.

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Pilates Style Magazine July / September 2013

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle interview with Pilates Style July 2013

Download Wendy's article: "Core from the Body's Perspective" and experience more of her 3Core Connections Perspective, along with a teacher and client favorite: "Fascial Dog Flow Series - Phases I, II & III".

Wendy teaches you how to decrease tension throughout your body, energize the 2 directions of your spine,  and experience an embodied Pilates practice by–exploring  "core as relationship with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment".  Experience the body's natural power and poise with "core coordination", rather than over-stabilizing with "core control" and take that transformational awareness to your Pilates practice and teaching.

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Pilates Anytime

Wendy on Pilates Anytime teaching Pilates

Be sure to catch Wendy on Pilates Anytime teaching an embodied approach to Pilates through: matwork and somatic movement classes, reformer flow classes, Tower/Caddy flow and Fascial Dog Flow Series, along with her workshops: "Discovering Your Inner Teacher" and “Classical Pilates and Embodiment”.

Access these classes FREE for 30 days by using Wendy’s personal code:  WENDYLABA

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Cultivating The Biointelligent Body Workshop

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3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective Chart

Complete Protein: How Much & What Kind To Eat

My purpose in creating this inspiring Chart from 18th Century anatomy drawings is to enable you to see your body as more than a biomechanical, pieces and parts, machine to be trained and fixed.

In the 3Core Connections Embodied Perspective, we are inquiring into “Core as Relationship: with Gravity, Ourselves, One Another and Our Environment”...a biointelligent, relational, rather than controlling way of being in the world.

The figures are “gestural”, rather than the usual static anatomy. The colors I’ve added are distinguishing “what’s just enough” support from gravity and spatial orientation:

• Beginning with Inner Ear... Vestibular Awareness, through 2 directions of spine, hands and feet

• Which creates "yielding" to gravity... Down the Back

• Which "evokes" internal lift... Up the Front

• Which creates a...Receptive and Perceptual Awareness and way of being in the world

This Chart is one that allows you to find your own VOICE! Every time I speak with someone about their body, through this Chart, whether practitioner or client, I find a new way to speak to their interest, curiosity and engagement…as a whole body awareness. We are whole beings. Discovering the language of biointelligence opens us to “direct experience” that is in the PRESENT, not the PAST, and an aliveness in our teaching…enabling us to move away from treating ourselves like objects as biomechanical language is prone to do.

DIY Swedish Bars

DIY Swedish BarsLauren Hammerle’s husband Dave is back at it with another awesome DIY Pilates Apparatus Project! He made Lauren a High Mat that folds for storage as a surprise Christmas gift. This time it’s Swedish Bars…

With a few supplies from your local hardware store you can affordably expand your Pilates Studio in one weekend. DIY Swedish Bars are a simple and easy project. Start your project today and you can be hanging like a Bat tomorrow!

by Dave & Lauren Hammerle, Precision Pilates Studio, NJ

Swedish Bars have, so far, been an elusive piece of apparatus in my studio. I always felt my studio was too small to accommodate the unit, until I realized the possibility of having a set custom built. I mentioned this to my husband Dave, a carpenter, and he built one in about 2 hours. It took him more time to stain the Bars than to actually build it! The whole project cost just under $200, and it fits perfectly in my studio after all!

Photo: Jin Kim

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Complete Protein: How Much & What Kind To Eat
By John Douillard

Complete Protein: How Much & What Kind To Eat

Proteins are the building blocks of the body. They form the structures of the cell wall, the organelles within the cells, and most of the functions within the cell are carried out by proteins. Proteins are the structural components of muscles, hair, tendons and ligaments, while the blood and lymph transport them. They are the messenger molecules for the brain and central nervous system. They regulate the function of immunity with antibodies, and manufacture and break down tissues with all the body’s enzymes.

Proteins are made up of the combination of thousands of smaller units called amino acids, which are attached to one another in long chains. There are now 22 different types of amino acids that have been discovered that can be combined in innumerable combinations to make functional proteins.

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25 Cancer Stem Cell Killing Foods Smarter Than Chemo & Radiation

Cancer Stem Cell Killing Foods

A new scientific review identifies 25 of the top foods and herbs which kill the cancer stem cells at the root cause of cancer malignancy.

There are thousands of natural compounds that have been studied with demonstrable anti-cancer activity (check out over 600 on our cancer research database), but only a small subset of these have been proven to target and kill the cancer stem cells which lie at the root of cancer malignancy. Turmeric, for instance, we have featured a number of times for this “smart kill” property of targeting just the heart of cancerous tumors. More recently, ginger has been found in pre-clinical research to contain a compound up to 10,000 times more effective than the chemotherapy drug Taxol at killing breast cancer stem cells. Even common food like blueberry have special cancer killing properties, as discussed in a previous article: Research: Radiotherapy Causes Cancer, Blueberry Kills It.....

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The Buzz(kill) about Caffeine
What You Need to Know About Energy Drinks

The health benefits of caffeine
Synthetic caffeine
Soda, energy drinks, and other caffeinated products
The federal regulation of caffeine

According to many studies, the caffeine naturally found in coffee and tea can have positive health effects. So the caffeine in sodas and energy drinks must be the same, right?

Sorry, but no. Partly, this is because the caffeine used in energy drinks and sodas is a synthetic substance, first created by the Monsanto corporation and now manufactured in China under dubious conditions.

And, partly, it’s due to how completely unregulated this chemical is, even when it’s added to our food supply.....

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Preserve Your Vision: Prevent (or reverse) Diabetes

Green Vegetables Protect the Heart

Diabetes is a serious disease that poses considerable risks to the vascular system, particularly to the crucial and delicate blood vessels of the eyes.

Nonrefractive visual impairment refers to a visual defect that cannot be corrected with glasses, and diabetic retinopathy is a common cause of nonrefractive visual impairment. Retinopathy is quite common among diabetics; about one-third of diabetics over the age of 40 have diabetic retinopathy.2 Retinopathy can lead to serious vision loss, preventing sufferers from driving and living independently.

Nonrefractive visual impairment increased by 21% among adults between 1999 and 2008—a dramatic increase in a short period of time. When broken down by age, the largest increase in prevalence occurred in younger people—20 to 39 years of age, compared to older age groups. This is a stark finding that predicts climbing rates of disability among middle-aged and younger adults in the near future....

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Green Vegetables Protect the Heart

Green Vegetables Protect the Heart

Green leafy vegetables are superior to other foods in their nutrient density, and unsurprisingly, greater intake of leafy greens is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Greater consumption of cruciferous vegetables (a family of vegetables known for their anti-cancer effects, it includes many leafy greens such as kale, cabbage and bok- choy), are similarly associated with lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease and from all causes.

Oxidative stress is known to be a significant contributor to the development of cardiovascular disease. Our antioxidant defenses are a combination of dietary compounds and the body's own antioxidant enzymes, and there is evidence that when we eat cruciferous vegetables, their phytochemicals signal the body to produce its own protective antioxidant enzymes, by activating a protein called Nrf2...

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Confused About Salt?:
By John Douillard

Perhaps the most prolific dietary heart health mantra that has been preached and practiced for the past 30 years is to reduce your intake of salt.

In this article, I want to share the science behind a modern myth: that salt is one of the causes of blood pressure and heart-related issues.

In fact, as we will see, although still controversial, it may be just the opposite. We need salt for optimal heart health, as well as the function of every organ system in the body. In addition, the science suggests that the average American may be deficient of natural salt and we should actually be ingesting more salt, not less...

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Finally, The Research For Nose Breathing Exercise:
By John Douillard

If you are a nose breathing geek like me, or obsessed with the "runner's high," "the zone," or "the flow" state, this newsletter will be a gold mine for you! It will offer some very compelling evidence that we can achieve "the zone," actually enjoy exercise, and even compete with higher performance and less stress than previously thought. (1, 2)

Back in 1993, about a year before my book Body, Mind and Sport was published, we did some groundbreaking research comparing nose breathing exercise with mouth breathing exercise. The results were remarkable and some of the findings were truly unprecedented.

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Stevia: Too Good to be True?
By John Douillard

Stevia: Too Good to be True?

I must admit, I have not been a big fan of stevia, until now! Surprisingly, there are some amazing and well-documented health benefits of this very sweet leaf. That said, how could a plant that is 300 times as sweet as sugar, with zero calories, be good for you? That just sounds too suspicious!

Before I share all the benefits, let me share my initial reservations. Stevia has been shown to have no negative effects on our blood sugar (1), so why not, right?

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"The power of Touch and the soul of Communication"
By Abraham Verghes

Abraham Verghese

Modern medicine is in danger of losing a powerful, old-fashioned tool: human touch. Physician and writer Abraham Verghese describes our strange new world where patients are merely data points, and calls for a return to the traditional one-on-one physical exam.

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10 Facts About Fluoride For The Skeptic
By Dr. Paul Connett

Fluoride is a poisonous substance added to many municipal water supplies across the US, Canada, and elsewhere without the permission of the residents. Is there a model that communities can follow to remove it from their water supply? The short answer to this question is yes.

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Can GMOs Cause Gluten Intolerance?
By John Douillard

An unexplained explosion in gluten sensitivity is affecting more than 18 million Americans today. While wheat is not a genetically modified crop, new studies are finding an interesting link between the consumption of GMOs and today's rising rate of gluten intolerance.

GMOs – an acronym for genetically modified organisms – were introduced into the American food supply in the mid-1990′s. Today, there are nine genetically modified food crops on the market in the US.

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Seven Reasons to Try this Position in Bed.
By John Douillard

Did you ever think that your sleeping position may have a long-term bearing on your health? Not just structural health either. Ayurveda claims that the way you sleep can actually make it harder or easier for some of your organs to do their jobs! Keep reading to learn this simple sleep trick that could pay dividends for years to come.

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