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Pilates Style Magazine May / June 2018

Moving Beyond Classical and Contemporary Pilates

Moving Beyond “labels of” Classical
and Contemporary Pilates

A question that has revolutionized the way I approach movement is, where are we coming from as we move in our personal practice, teaching and in life?

Although we are intelligent, sensitive beings, we often think of ourselves as objects that need to be fixed. We “control” our bodies when we “train” them, or in the case of a client, when we train “the body in front of us.”...continue...

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Pilates Style Magazine July / September 2016

Pilates Style Magazine article, The Seeker

The Seeker

Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle, a veteran teacher of Pilates, yoga and somatic movement and the founder of the Pilates Center of Austin, has devoted her life to redefining core as a whole- being relationship with gravity, ourselves, others and the environment.
by Anne Marie O'Connor.

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Pilates Style Magazine July / September 2013

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle interview with Pilates Style July 2013

Download Wendy's article: "Core from the Body's Perspective" and experience more of her 3Core Connections Perspective, along with a teacher and client favorite: "Fascial Dog Flow Series - Phases I, II & III".

Wendy teaches you how to decrease tension throughout your body, energize the 2 directions of your spine,  and experience an embodied Pilates practice by–exploring  "core as relationship with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment".  Experience the body's natural power and poise with "core coordination", rather than over-stabilizing with "core control" and take that transformational awareness to your Pilates practice and teaching.

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Wendy On Pilates Anytime

Wendy on Pilates Anytime teaching Pilates

Be sure to catch Wendy on Pilates Anytime teaching an embodied approach to Pilates through: matwork and somatic movement classes, reformer flow classes, Tower/Caddy flow and Fascial Dog Flow Series, along with her workshops: "Discovering Your Inner Teacher" and “Classical Pilates and Embodiment”.

Access these classes FREE for 30 days by using Wendy’s personal code:  WENDYLABA

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Wendy On Fusion Pilates EDU

Embodied Pilatesworkshop with Wendy

My new online Pilates workshop has launched at FusionPilatesEDU.com!

How do we impact “local problems” from a GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE?  In this online Pilates workshop, you will see how Amy moves from “isolated sacral laxity” to “whole-body fascial integrity”, by developing a felt sense, with Wendy’s embodied coaching, of how to FREE THE SACRUM through the lens of EMBODIED BIOTENSEGRITY… the study of the tension-compression continuity within biological organisms

Access these classes FREE for 30 days by using Wendy’s personal code:  WENDYLABA

Visit Wendy's Fusion Pilates EDU Video Workshops: www.fusionpilatesedu.com/Wendy

DIY Swedish Bars

DIY Swedish BarsLauren Hammerle’s husband Dave is back at it with another awesome DIY Pilates Apparatus Project! He made Lauren a High Mat that folds for storage as a surprise Christmas gift. This time it’s Swedish Bars…

With a few supplies from your local hardware store you can affordably expand your Pilates Studio in one weekend. DIY Swedish Bars are a simple and easy project. Start your project today and you can be hanging like a Bat tomorrow!

by Dave & Lauren Hammerle, Precision Pilates Studio, NJ

Swedish Bars have, so far, been an elusive piece of apparatus in my studio. I always felt my studio was too small to accommodate the unit, until I realized the possibility of having a set custom built. I mentioned this to my husband Dave, a carpenter, and he built one in about 2 hours. It took him more time to stain the Bars than to actually build it! The whole project cost just under $200, and it fits perfectly in my studio after all!

Photo: Jin Kim

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