Pilates Center Of Austin: SeniorFit™

» All newcomers to Pilates, whether seeking a "general" or "customized" fitness program, must first participate in a short Introductory program to learn the fundamentals of the Pilates Method. See "Getting Started"

"Hello there, my name is Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle.

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle

Rather than launching into all the reasons our SeniorFit™ Program is the perfect fitness regimen for us 50-80-somethings, I'd like first to talk to you, not just as Director of the Pilates Center of Austin, but as a baby boomer!

I just turned 65–and you know what, being a Master Teacher, with 40 years experience, grants me no reprieve. In respect to age, I'm in the same boat as you. As we age into our 60's and beyond, our bodies change. It's an unavoidable fact—they're simply not as responsive as they used to be; there is stiffness when we get out of bed in the morning and there are aches that ask, a little louder, for our attention. As I move into my senior years, I find I must continually be more attentive to my body's needs to maintain my adaptability, coordination and strength–which is why I'm so grateful for my own personal daily Pilates practice."

I love what a fellow colleague and baby boomer, Risa Sheppard, writes on her website:

"Its fun to see a prima ballerina extend her leg way into the air and bend her back into a pretzel, but we know our bodies aren't going to go there, and so many of us simply give up or never try Pilates. I'm here to tell you that anyone can benefit from Pilates sessions, and you don't need to look like a dancer; but you can feel like one. You will experience how your body moves differently, your spouse looks at you admiringly, and you like what you see in the mirror… baby boomers unite! We are here for a long while; might as well enjoy what we have worked so hard for, and make the next generation look up to our grace, strength, stamina and well being."

Pilates Center of Austin seniorFit classes

Now, isn't that what we all want?

At this stage of our lives we're not particularly interested in downhill slalom skiing, being the lead in Swan Lake or having a butt you can bounce a quarter off. What we do want is to be able to live an active and vital life, as we move with a sense of ease and grace into our later years–whether that be in our garden, on the golf course, traveling, hiking, or playing with our grandchildren. So here's the bottom line (excuse the pun)–YOU CAN HAVE THAT KIND OF LIFE! But, there's one key condition–You have to get up and move to have it. It is never too late to start! Let me say that again. It is NEVER too late to start!

So please, accept my open-arms invitation to experience our SeniorFit™ Pilates program. We'll custom design a personal program for you, or you can join in on one of our small SeniorFit™ Classes. I look forward to joining you in our journey into our truly golden years!

To your best Life,
Director and Master Teacher

Here's a closer look at the benefits of our SeniorFit™ Pilates Program

Exercise for seniors is crucial to living with vitality and preventing injury, but many of you have, understandably so, a fear of hurting yourselves with the intensity of traditional no-pain/no-gain workouts. Especially as we get older, we need a kinder, gentler workout..»

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but still one that will build muscle and core strength, while enhancing balance, flexibility and coordination. Our SeniorFit™ program is the perfect solution, as it offers all these benefits without the wear and tear.

And that's because it is a whole-body, low-impact program, which focuses on "lengthening the spine" and strengthening the core muscle groups, but gently and with specific exercises that can be modified to meet you where you are. Here are some specific benefits you can expect from our SeniorFit™ Pilates Program.

  • Avoiding Injury by strengthening the core muscles and your postural alignment, making a bone-breaking fall less likely. And should you fall, your more flexible, stronger muscles are more conditioned to absorb the impact.
  • Slowing down the signs of aging by making your joints and muscles more pliable and adaptable, thus making everyday movements easier.
  • Improving circulation by relaxing muscles and engaging the whole body. Think of it as unwinding a garden hose–the deep breathing and gentle stretching will oxygenate your blood, loosen arterial constriction and restore blood flow.
  • Relieving pain and increasing overall mobility. Because Pilates is a low-impact exercise program, it takes stress off your joints, reducing swelling, stiffness and joint inflammation.
  • Increasing bone density is a primary benefit of SeniorFit™ Pilates because of the gentle, weight-bearing exercises that focus on balancing and on strengthening the bones.
  • Enhancing mental clarity. Because of enhanced circulation, seniors practicing Pilates often report a clearing up of "brain fog" or confusion. Pilates both relaxes and energizes the body, helping you achieve balance physically and mentally.
  • Increasing energy and vitality. Okay, not to the same level you had when you were 25, but you'll definitely feel a much-welcomed energy boost, because you're connecting with your body's wisdom.

In addition to instruction in SeniorFit™, we offer specialized programs in:
General Fitness, Weight Loss, Sports Performance, Post-Rehabilitation and Pain Management, Prenatal & Postnatal Programs, Workplace, Structural Integration (Rolfing), and Therapeutic Breathwork (Buteyko Method Asthma Relief).