Pilates and Weight Loss

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Here's the bottom line with weight loss

(Excuse the pun): anyone who commits to Pilates workouts will create a trimmer appearance, and many will lose significant weight, as our clients attest in the video above. However, while the benefits of Pilates are legion and well substantiated, we want to divest you of the idea that Pilates is the new Ephedra.

No matter how infatuated we become with "miracle cures," here's the simple truth that we all sort of know, anyway: to lose weight and keep it off, you need to burn more calories than you consume. In other words, you need to (1) get your body moving (consciously), (2) alter your eating habits and (3) eat real food. There is no magic bullet–anyone who tells you there is, is selling snake oil.

But…if you are really committed to losing weight, and not just looking for the next miracle diet or exercise fad, Pilates can unequivocally be a transformative partner in getting you there–and so much further! Here's where our 3CoreConnections® Pilates program will accelerate your journey to attaining the perfect weight, where you feel alive, vital and at home in your body:

  1. You Will Build Long, Lean Muscle Mass, Without Bulk
    Here's where Pilates really excels: in its ability, as you are gradually losing weight, to create long, lean muscle mass. Creating muscle mass is one of the best ways to increase your calorie-burning potential. Pilates can help you accomplish that in spades. In the words of our highly respected colleague Alycea Ungaro, owner of Real Pilates NYC;

    "Simply stated, Pilates is strength training. We work with resistance to increase strength and hence, muscle mass. Using springs and different apparatus to increase the load to the muscles, we can affect a metabolic increase by building lean muscle mass."
  2. You Will Tone And Sculpt Your Body
    Pilates gives you back your waistline, regardless of weight lost. You'll change the shape of your body–clothes will fit differently. Because Pilates is a full-body workout, it tones all of your muscles–making your body something to brag about!
  3. You Will Improve Your Posture–A Sure Way To Look And Feel Better About Yourself
    One of the best ways to look and feel thinner is to have beautiful posture. Pilates creates a leaner look by emphasizing both length and good alignment.

    "Pilates can help to realign posture as the body's center of gravity changes, promoting long elegant posture and graceful flowing movement, and keeping you centered and energized–all at the same time!" says longtime Master Pilates Teacher, Jillian Hessel
  4. It Promotes Deep And Efficient Respiration–Essential For Calorie-Burning
    Breath awareness and deep, "full-body" breathing are an essential part of Pilates exercise. Besides the huge impact that breath has on one's overall health and stress levels (modern-day life has made many of us into very shallow breathers, literally struggling for air), it can also have a dramatic effect on our bodies' ability to release excess weight.

    Done on a regular basis, relaxed, deep, "full-body" breathing will increase your metabolism (due to increased oxygen levels, leading to increased heart activity) which will help you to burn off more calories, more effectively utilize your food with your body and generally have more energy. Increased energy means an increased ability to exercise and further reduce weight. Deep breathing can also assist with fat-burning. In addition to increasing your metabolism, deep breathing changes the way that oxygen is delivered throughout the body. This creates a change in the way that the body works and may result in improved fat-burning.

    The beauty of the way we teach Pilates at the Pilates Center of Austin is that while teaching you the Pilates repertoire of exercises, we take special care to expand the mind-body awareness you develop in performing them–the awareness of ergonomic posture, efficient movement, core strength, flexibility, and very important, the awareness of breath–into your life's daily activities, as well. It is only in this way, that real, lasting health and fitness can be achieved.
  5. And…You Will Be Reinvigorated With Kitchen Inspiration
    "Pilates has extended far beyond my workout. It's been a transformation in who I am for myself, in how I take care of myself…and that has naturally extended itself into my kitchen and how and what I eat. This isn't something I even tried to do…it just fell into place as my Pilates practice progressed, and I came to learn so much more about my body, my attention to my eating patterns and preferences shifted …and I lost 25 pounds! Being able to return to my love of dancing, after a long hiatus, has meant the world to me."
    Shelley Graham, Counselor and "Re-inspired" Ballet Dancer.

    This increased body awareness will make you less likely to indulge in unhealthy habits. Toning your body invariably leads to "toning" up your kitchen! You'll want to take care of your body, and put good food into it. You'll no longer consider dieting…which doesn't, and never has, worked in the long term…and take on, in its place, a commitment to a lifestyle that embraces healthful eating. We'll help you with that too!
  6. Top It Off With Some Cardio…And You Have A Winning Formula!
    Combining the strength-training benefits of Pilates and a consistent cardio workout, you'll lose weight and tone up nearly twice as fast as just doing either routine on its own. You don't need any fancy equipment either–it's as simple as a brisk ½ hour walk daily through your neighborhood.


And just think, in addition to finally taking on a realistic approach to weight reduction, you'll also see increased joint mobility, flexibility and core strength. Getting to an ideal weight is really a pathway to a bigger highway–living and moving through life with a renewed sense of purpose, passion and vitality! Come let us support and empower you in your journey.

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