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Passing The Torch
With Wendy in Austin

Feb, 2023

Recorded Workshops

Wendy on Fusion Pilates EDU
3Core Connections | Join with Wendy on Her Online Workshops With
Fusion Pilates EDU Exploring:

Embodied Pilates Matwork and MORE Flow

Cultivating the Biointelligent Body

Biotensegrity: From Sacral Laxity to Core

Wendy on Pilates Anytime
3Core Connections | Videos with Wendy

Explore with Wendy on Pilates Anytime teaching an embodied approach to Pilates through: matwork and somatic movement classes, reformer flow classes, Tower/Caddy flow and Fascial Dog Flow Series, along with
her Workshops:

Journey to Your Inner Teacher

Pilates and Embodiment

Access these classes FREE for 30 days by using Wendy’s personal code: WENDYLABA

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